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Tony Sànchez Ariño Collection


Few hunters in history can match the accomplishments of legendary hunter Tony Sànchez-Ariño, who, with almost 1300 elephant, 2044 buffalo and 332 lion to his credit, is among the most experienced dangerous game hunters to ever go afield.  Translating the sum of this experience into tangible form, Tony has teamed up with Belgium’s Dumoulin-Herstal to build dangerous game rifles integrating his preferences in rifle configuration and cartridge selection.
The rifles of the Tony Sánchez-Ariño collection are made to Tony’s technical specifications, designed to meet the requirements presented by the hunt for dangerous game. The collection includes both Sidelock and Boxlock Ejector Double Rifles in .375 H&H, .470 NE and .500 NE, as well as magazine rifles on Mauser actions (Herstal Safari or White Hunter) in dangerous game cartridges from .375H&H to .505 Gibbs. Every rifle in this prestigious collection has Tony’s signature engraved in gold on the barrel.

Annually 1 or 2 anniversary rifles are made.  These rifles include the most rare woods and exquisite engraving, the pinnacle of our production and considered among the most beautiful rifles in the world.

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