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DUMOULIN-HERSTAL'S calling is to perpetuate the internatioanlly recognized talent of the Liege gun trade and to offer rifles and shotguns of the highest quality concieved in a marriage of traditional craftsmanship and the most modern technological processes.

Our principal strength is the marriage of these two principles; we have succeeded in mating the precise high technology manufacture of the component parts, with highly qualified workmanship applied as we hand-fit the firearms. Our quality is clear to all who appreciate best rifles and shotguns.

  • All of our products are the result of our region's long heritage which delivers, still today, an international fame to the Liege gunmakers.

  • Each rifle and shotgun is made with the highest attention to detail. Worldclass gunsmiths, stockmakers, and engravers collaborate to breath life into each arm, a collaboration which is put at your disposal.

  • The acquisition of a DUMOULIN hunting arm distinguishes the owner as a connoisseur of fine guns, perpetuating the tradition of quality and refinement of the Liege gun trade.

Ernest Dumoulin
Alexandre Cammermans
Managing Director

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