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                                                             A 2000      A 2000 LM
The A 2000 action mounted on DUMOULIN HERSTAL rifles stands out in that its strength and reliability provide superb functioning even under the most extreme conditions.

Its excellence lies in the selection of high quality steel and a very accurate production method in which every single part is checked and gauged after each machining operation in order to guarantee the strict tolerance levels required for precision rifle parts.

Moreover, upon completion, each action is sent to the Belgian Government Proof House where it is subject to further rigorous proof testing.
The world famous Liege Tower proofmark is then stamped onto the receiver, thereby guaranteeing the safety and quality of the product.

Made of chrome-molybden, the one-piece bolt, handle and knob are machined for maximum strength and reliable functioning. The bolt has three locking lugs and features a claw extractor.

This composite bolt is superior in strength to bolts with welded parts. Its helical fluting permits smooth handling even with a low scope.

As an additional safety factor, the bolt has a specially designed sleeve, with a three-position safety lever; this rotates along the axis of the bolt for locking as well as blocking the firing pin.

This forged receiver is designed with flat top and slots allowing a wide variety of scopes to be mounted without adjustment for both fixed or removable scopes.

This clever design eliminates the need for screwed on bases causing instability.

The receiver is equipped with a bolt lock and a built-in ejector offering increased dependability and eliminating jamming.

In addition, the fully adjustable trigger system ensures a remarkably crisp trigger pull.

The magazine is machined from a solid steel forging and is an integral part of the action.

It is fitted with a hinged floor plate locked into the action by a button inside the trigger guard preventing accidental opening.

The magazine holds 5 rounds or 3 Magnum caliber rounds.

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